Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Free Sheet Music Download!

Since I've been working on my sheet music so much over these past few weeks, I've had this little promotional idea running around in my little brain.

I'd like to see more pre-orders coming in, so from now until the end of the month of April, I am offering, not only free shipping, but also a free sheet music download of either "Solitude", or "On the River" with each CD purchase.

All you have to do is go to my website, click the Products button. Then, go to the Buy now button, and order the CD. Then you can either go to the Contact Us form, fill out your info, and specify in the comments section which song you would like to download, or leave a comment here saying you have purchased the CD, and tell me which song you want. Then I will email you the link for the sheet music.

Simple as that. You get a fabulous CD, free shipping, and some great sheet music, all for only $13!!!

p.s. Tell Your Friends!!!


  1. What a nice thing to give away : ). Sheet music! If only I could play! Have a happy Day!

  2. I love music and would love this. I am learning to play. Aren't we all?

  3. Yay! Free sheet music! I bought the CD and then dragged my son in to listen to the songs because he's the one that will be able to actually PLAY the music. He wants to learn how to play "Heartsrings," so that's my choice.

    (I had to wait until a freelance check got here before I could buy it--sorry it took so long!)

  4. I guess this site: has been replaced with your 2 sites? Just wondering (trying to figure out if you have any other free sheet music anywhere :)


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