Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Possible Cover design

I've been talking to a local photographer that I know about a picture for my album cover. I need your advice.

What do you like the best?


Sunset Lake
Mountain Owl
Moon Lake
I'm kind of leaning towards Moon lake.
But, I want to know what you think?

Also, I'm thinking about doing a preorder, where you can preorder a CD from me, if you're interested. I thought that might help me decide how many copies to make.

So, leave comments, let me know your opinions!

And tell your friends!!


  1. This is exciting! I like the sunflower or the moon lake! Wahoo!

  2. They're all pretty. I'm with Tink - sunflower or moonlake, but do what feels right to you.

  3. I think you should use the mountain owl.It's cool.

  4. I like the sunflower but since it your album that represents you--you should probably go with what moves you. Wow--this is really getting exciting--so happy for you! I would definately pre order one!

  5. Moonlake is beautiful :) L♥ve and Hugs!


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